Tuesday, November 28, 2006


-It's 5:30 CST and already dark outside. I'm not a big fan of short days. Although, for as pasty white as I am, it's a sort of respite against my typical 14 layers of sunscreen necessary to prevent burning.

-Miles is getting bigger every day - it's amazing to watch. He was approximately 20 lbs when we got him, and now he's about 35. Right now I weigh 170, and if I were growing at his rate I'd be almost 300 lbs in a month. It would take a lot of protein powder for me to hit that number. Instead of a couple shakes per day, I'd have to go with a couple jugs.

-Album recommendation: Deadsy, Phantasmagore. It's amazing. If you've never heard Deadsy, I'd use the following words to describe their music: slow, grinding, goth, gentle, morbid, and crunchy. But those words probably leave you with the impression that they are some sort of death-metal outfit, which is not the case. It's more along the lines of using Halloween as a facade for good rock songs.

-If you haven't been learning to cook over here, you've been missing out. Man, I eat well. Today I had one of my top 5, a Mediterranean dish, for lunch. A month or so ago Monika was awarded for her efforts with a trophy for the "Best Chef Ever in the History of the Universe" Award. I'm not sure that fully captures how well she cooks, though. You have to experience it to believe it.


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