Friday, November 24, 2006

Sour Apple.

//Begin rant.

Today is the only day of the year that Apple discounts computers. Going with that Black Friday momentum, Monika decided today she was finally going to buy her desired Apple Laptop. It turns out that Apple, like Acura, sells their products fully loaded, with just a couple tweaks available, which is a good thing. Thus Monika decided she wanted to buy the standard Apple Notebook with one change - the memory upgrade. The online store indicated that the shipping time would be about 3 weeks, so she called the Apple store to see if we could pick the computer up today.

Monika: "Hi - I'm looking for (details of standard laptop) with one change - the memory upgrade. Two Gigs instead of one. Do you all sell those in the store?"

Steve (or whatever the hell his name was): "Oh yeah, we have tons of those."

Monika and I drive 40 miles to the Apple store in Southlake since there are none in Fort Worth. We arrive at the store and are helped by a nice girl who seems perplexed. Predictably, they have none of the laptop we are looking for in stock. Steve finally comes out, like the pimply Simpson's character you imagined, and says, "oh, yeah, uh, we don't have the computer with the memory upgrade. I didn't know you guys wanted that...uh, I guess I should have asked." This coming from the same person who we specifically asked only one question - whether they have the computer with the memory upgrade. Doesn't seem that difficult, does it?

Anyway, Apple has great products and the salespeople in their stores are usually really helpful. But this guy was a moron who wasted a lot of our time and pissed us off.

We'll see if Monika still ends up buying that laptop...

//End rant.


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