Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Not Arrogance When It's True.

A lot of people complain that Roger Federer is arrogant. Have these people seen Federer play tennis? I doubt it. Because if they had, they would witness absolute domination, which is of course followed by gems like this:

""This was definitely one of my best matches I ever played," said Federer, who is seeking his 10th major title. "I had one of these days when everything just worked, I was unbeatable. It's just unreal. I was playing out of my mind. I am shocked myself.
"The tournament is not even over yet, so let's not get carried away. Let me do it one more time.""

From this article.

God, I love that last line. "Hey guys, it's all good. Do I have your permission to unleash one more beat-down in this tournament?"

Finally, you have to love Roddick's post-match comments, which speak for themselves (source):

"Even in defeat, Roddick has a hell of a sense of humor. His postmortem was one for the ages. Among the highlights. "It was frustrating. It sucked. It was terrible. Besides that, it was fine." How will he sleep tonight? "It depends on how much I drink." Roddick was told that he had performed better in the news conference than on the court. His reponse: "No s---.""


Blogger Cy said...

Federer is kind of full of himself, though. Obviously he has a right to be, since he's the best, but he's far from humble. Sure, he makes remarks like, "I just had a good day", but he makes just as many like, "I'm definitely on pace to be the best of all time", "You could call me a genius", etc. I'm amazed he has such good press.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Badger said...

I see your point, but you could really take it both ways. On one hand, you could claim he's not high on the "humble" scale. Conversely, what has he said that's so outrageous? He is destroying everyone on tour, save Nadal who won't be a threat for much longer because of his inefficient game. I've never seen him say anything along the lines of his last two quotes. I have heard him say that he doens't feel threatened by any particular player on the tour, but what's wrong with that? That quote was pre-Nadal-French-Opens, by the way.

9:00 AM  

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