Sunday, February 04, 2007

Grizzled Old Man.

Am I old and grizzled now? The latest Rolling Stone has Panic! At the Disco on the cover. Yes, that's right. Panic! At the Disco. You know, that band that sings something-or-other having to do with "closing the goddamn door" and that's about the only lyric sung, over and over again. People like this band? Enough for RS to put them on the cover?

Of course, my initial reaction is to think that Rolling Stone has gone down the drain. Then again, it's probably more likely that I'm just old, grizzled, and out of touch with what the kids like these days. I remember the first time, years ago, that I saw this person "Eminem" on the cover of Rolling Stone and wondered who the hell he was. He turned out to be fairly popular...

...Damn kids...


Anonymous RadioHou said...

You can't fight the mainstream, son. It's everywhere!! [insert menacing laughter]

11:42 AM  

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