Monday, May 21, 2007

I Don’t Like Pit Bulls.

Or, The Graduate Part II.

Yesterday I ended the prior post due to a need to hop on the airplane. A few minutes before it was time to board, Monika (or Mrs. Badger) noticed that she had missed a couple calls on her phone from a number she didn’t recognize. They turned out to be from the kennel where Miles, our puppy, was staying. Long story short: Miles was attacked by a Pit Bull last Thursday. Due to a series of odd semantics that I don’t necessarily agree with, they didn’t tell us ‘till Sunday, which is frustrating. So, the flight home yesterday became the “we hope our puppy is okay” flight. When we got to the kennel, poor Miles looked really tired but perked up when I called him. I was happy to see that he recognized my voice! Poor little Miles (er…86 lbs as of last week, but still “little” to us).

Bottom line – he’ll be okay. We’re going to take him to the vet anyway to see what they say, and the kennel gave us his stay for free and told us they’d cover the vet bills. At the end of the day, I don’t harbor ill will toward the kennel per se, but obviously they should have kept the freaking Pit Bull away from other dogs. If we had to take Miles to a kennel again, I wouldn’t avoid this one, but obviously I hope we never have to do so! It just so happened that for this trip, everyone we would have left him with was also on the trip.

Here is Miles’ battle wound which the vet will look at in a couple hours:

//Edit: Blogger's "add image" button isn't working. Annoying! I'll try again later.


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