Friday, August 31, 2007

What Happened to My Youth?

Yesterday Mrs. Badger and I had sushi for dinner. While we were eating, a group of young girls walked in. I thought it was funny that high school kids were into sushi these days (I didn’t even try sushi ‘till late in college). Mrs. Badger informed me that these girls were most assuredly college students. I thought “but they look like babies. OH MY GOD, I’M OLD!”

A few days ago I went to the courts for my routine Tuesday hit. Sometime after the mini-tennis-warm-up my right calf started to feel strange, then annoying, then downright painful. It wasn’t the muscle, but the tendons. The feeling reminded me of when I accidentally squeezed a forearm ball for an hour or so and blew up my hand (apparently you are only supposed to use those things a couple minutes per day). The odd part was that there was no warning – my legs had felt fine walking around all day before then.

Perhaps I can rectify these dreary feelings by injecting a little bit of youth into my music. What is it the kids are listening to these days, Britney Spears? Maybe I’ll pick up her latest album so I can kick it top-40-style.

What's that? She turned into a skanky crack whore?! Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to my youth?!