Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Golf Skills: One Notch Better Than "Horrendous".

The last time I bought golf balls was quite a while ago. At the time, since I labeled my golfing skills "horrendous," I bought an enormous sack of recycled range balls. Although I play a round of golf only about once a month, I've finally depleted the supply enough that tonight I decided to buy more balls for my round tomorrow morning. I went to Academy and grabbed the gigantic bag o' balls, but paused, and thought to myself "I'm not quite the worst any more. I still suck, but not that bad." So indulged and bought the sack of better old, recycled balls. For example, all of these balls are white, whereas in the sack o' crap, you get the occasional orange or yellow ball, and although it's counter-intuitive, it's impossible to find those balls once you hit them.

So now that I'm the best golfer ever, I'll bet any of you a million dollars that I can beat you.*

*I do not have a million dollars. You have to spot me approximately 100 strokes. Let's just save us both time - give me a a million dollars!