Monday, September 10, 2007

Kanye West Wins Award for "Biggest Douchebag".

After the MTV VMA's yesterday, Kanye West expressed disapproval over the fact that he wasn't chosen as the recipient of a VMA at this year's festivities. In a delightful surprise after the show, he was awarded the "Biggest Douchebag" award by MTV. A tearful Kanye clutched his moonman and said "I love you guys - you really had me going. But to win this award, it just means so much to me. I mean, I thought that it was impossible for a black person other than myself, Diddy, Cee-Lo, Outkast, Beyonce, Whitney, Tupac, Dre, Mariah, TI, Alicia, Mary J., wait...what was I talking about? Oh yeah, MTV hates black people. Well, they did, until they gave me this award. It's about time, you dumb crackers."

West then went on a diatribe about how he's the greatest hip-hop artist of all time, but most shifted their attention to Britney Spears, who reportedly farted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's only a nigger that became too much rich.

Shame on his money 'cause it is the money of young kids that don't know what kind of a fuckin' jerk west is.

Kanye West doesn't play real music but only shit music.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kanye used to make some pretty good music but from the second he sold out he's been an asshole.

4:30 PM  

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