Sunday, May 18, 2008

Attention People of Earth:

I bought Monika a Nintendo Wii for her birthday (which is tomorrow, but I gave it to her early so we could enjoy it this weekend), and a friend bought her Mario Cart Wii. We are hooked up to the internet and ready to rock (we have Guitar Hero III as well), so the gist here is that I am ready to destroy you all in these games. Especially this guy. :D (we have a long-standing Mario Kart fued going, so until the powers that be get it together and put Super Mario Kart available as a download, this'll have to do)

Administrative Note: GHIII is a great game, but is still a little glitchy for some reason. Any time we try to play the song "Story of My Life" by Social Distortion, the game completely bombs out and we get a message that says "Disc read error: consult the Will instruction manual for more information" (or something along those lines). We also had a lot of trouble getting a second guitar in the loop because it's NOT obvious. You have to hit "home," I believe, which asks if you want to exit the game, and at the bottom there are controller settings, which you click on and go through.


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