Thursday, April 06, 2006


Lately I have become a bit frustrated by the fact that I’m so busy I can rarely find the time to post on Scatterbrain. So it is with great amusement (because, yes, it’s become comical to me at this point) I declare that things will probably get worse before they get better.

Most of you know that I work full-time and attend Carnegie Mellon for my MBA full-time. The culmination of the CMU MBA is a class called “Management Game,” where you engage in an international competition against hundreds of teams. I believe the top finishers are flown to CMU for an awards banquet of some sort as well.

Over lunchtime, we students had our Game orientation, where the professor gave us a broad overview of the class and the workload. The disturbing part was the number of times he told us that September is going to be busy. I believe all of the following phrases were used at various points in his presentation:

-“Amazingly busy”
-“It’s really going to be a tough experience”
-“You won’t believe just how much work you have to do”
-“During the month of September, you’re going to feel like you’re in a dark abyss. Afterward, you’re going to sort of have to claw your way back out into reality again.”
-“Look. To practice, just drop your pants and bend over, because it’s really the same sort of experience. Are you ready to be my bitch?”

Okay, he didn’t say the last one, but I swear he said the other ones! “Dark abyss?!” And when he mentioned that we’ll have to claw our way back to reality, he actually bent his fingers and made clawing motions up-and-down, like some sort of possessed zombie! I’m totally serious!

My only consolation at this point is that my team will be competing against students on campus. The students that live on campus are commonly referred to as “Full-Time” students, whereas my type are referred to as “Flex-Mode” students, since we aren’t physically on campus, and have to tap into class via a live video conference. Although I know zero “Full-Time” students, I throw caution to the wind in suspecting they are somewhat smug about their position and commonly chat about how they are far superior to Flex-Mode students. These brash comments are most likely made while they light cigars with $100 bills, while the Dean and Board of Regents fan them with large palm branches during badminton breaks.

I’m like the really surly Arnold from the first Terminator movie – it’s time kick some ass!!!


Anonymous t-rapper said...

I thought you were getting your degree by correspondence through University of Phoenix or something. Don't you have to record your lectures on public access TV at 3am or something? ;-)

9:34 PM  
Blogger Badger said...

*Shaking fist!*

11:01 PM  

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