Saturday, April 15, 2006


Today, I walked with Monika and her friends in the Komen “Race for the Cure,” which raises money to fight breast cancer, a most worthy cause.

Prior to the race, we wandered around downtown Fort Worth, visiting booths handing out free energy bars, bagels, bananas, etc. I grabbed an Asiago cheese bagel from Panera, but couldn’t finish it because I’d already had a Promax bar before we arrived downtown.

As the race approached us, we wandered toward the start line, and there she was, like a beacon of majestic light shining upon me.

My pulse quickened.

I felt beads of sweat upon my brow.

I composed myself as best I could, because I had to seize the opportunity to take a picture with her. She is so important to me, and literally touches me in a personal way on a daily basis. Frankly, I was just in awe of her presence alone, and had to muster great courage just to stand close enough to her for a picture.

Here it is – one of my proudest moments. I bow to you, my queen!


Blogger robby said...

too bad it's probably just some chain-smoking junkie in that queen's costume. i mean, who else would they hire to do that?

1:37 PM  

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