Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Dress Code.

Sometimes I’m particularly annoyed by my brain’s conflicting thoughts regarding my work clothes. On one hand, I should probably try to wear dark pants, nice shirts, tuck everything in, and look professional. On the other, when I go to the lab (or anywhere else other than my desk, for that matter), I typically hop on an industrial-yellow bike and ride over there, competing against 30-mph head-on winds with sand, bugs, and other airborne debris hitting me in the face. Those aren’t quite optimal conditions for being dressed well.

This is all not to mention that currently the highs for the day revolve around 85. In less than a month, I’m guessing, we’ll hit 90-Degree-Land, and another month thereafter it’ll be ~100 during the day. There’s nothing like breaking a nice sweat walking from the car to the desk in the morning, which leaves you feeling super-fresh for the rest of the day. Stanktacular!