Saturday, April 01, 2006


Congratulations to Costa (visiting from Austin for the weekend) who kicked ass in a racquetball tournament today, placing 2nd. He was oh-so-close to finishing first, but lost to his last opponent in a very close game.

Something very annoying: the freaking fire detectors in the apartment crap out what seems like every week. Right now I’m feeling a twitch of fury every other minute as this damn thing BEEPS obnoxiously.

Florida is about to close out George Mason’s impressive run. I’d really like to see them take on LSU. We’ll see.

How about Lost last Wednesday? I’m glad they finally delivered some information; they can only taunt the viewer so much before throwing us a bone...


…Okay, I just got back from buying a battery to get the detector to shut up. On cue, as I drove home, Nine Inch Nails’ “Every Day is Exactly the Same” comes on the radio. Not only could that not have been any more appropriate, but it also initiates a bonus-rant – the radio edit!

You’re listening to a song you love on the radio. It starts, builds, and reaches the climax that will take the song home – perhaps a guitar solo, perhaps a few moments of silence. But – what the hell? The radio just took a dump on the flow of the song! Nuts to the integrity of the song when we could be playing godawful excerpts of unfunny snippets from our morning show!

This is not to mention the fact that the mix is completely screwed up as well. On “With Teeth,” the song begins with subdued piano-like notes, and then starts pounding away at you with aggressive drum and synthesizer work. On the radio, I heard piano, and then I had to turn the damn volume up because the mix for the rest of the song had been turned down to practically nothing. Classics like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” that in their original form chew you up and spit you out during the chorus, become neutered from the essence of how the song is supposed to sound.

This is why I’m still one of the few (and yes, the proud) that actually buys CDs, appreciates the artwork, listens to albums in their entirety, and 99% of the time, hates listening to the radio.


Anonymous Brooks B. said...

If you are serious about hating radio, consider trying Sirius Satellite Radio! I have had it for two years and can't live without it now. Commercial free, uncensored, un-edited music (live and album cuts). A medium that brings you Playboy, Maxim, and gay radio stations will most certainly never cut up your NIN or Radiohead again!

9:12 AM  
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